Good to know

Harbour Cottage was one of the first fishermens's cottages to be built in Craster. Over the years it gained an upper floor, and as the fishing industry modernised, the area opposite the cottages changed in appearance from harsh industrial, to softer cottage gardens. 

Today Harbour Cottage is lucky to be in a prime location within the popular village of Craster. The history gives the cottage and grounds its special character, but we are also aware that this means that certain features may not be perfect for everyone. 

Please read on for good-to-know details:

  • There is no grocery shop in the village. Alnwick is a ten minute drive and offers an array of large supermarkets. Some limited items may be available from L. Robson's Kipper Smokery and The Shoreline Cafe in Craster. Local supermarkets will deliver to the cottage, so we recommend starting your stay with a delivery and then relax!
  • There is very little or no mobile phone signal in the village. A public call box is situated 10yds from the cottage, but we do offer free WiFi [subject to Open Reach connection].
  • The terrace overlooking the harbour is opposite the cottage, across the road. It has a picket fence and latched gate. However we would not recommend leaving animals or children unattended as the lower area has only a short barrier. The gate also gives access to the neighbouring private garden. Please consider this if your dog is reactive. 
  • Toilets are situated in the en-suite shower rooms. This means that there are two, and they are both upstairs; accessed via the bedrooms.
  • The kitchen is accessed from the lounge up three steps.
  • There is no mains gas. All kitchen amenities are electric. In the event of a power cut it may be necessary to reset the clocks on them before use. The instruction manuals are in the kitchen drawer. 
  • The rear courtyard is up three steps and has a stone built shed that contains the gas bottles for the fire. In the case of the fire not lighting, the levers on the bottles can be turned to open the alternative bottle. 
  • Heating at Harbour Cottage is from electric night storage heaters. If on arrival a boost is required, the instant light gas fire in the lounge is extremely efficient. A plug in electric storage heater is also available. 
  • The en-suite shower rooms have extremely warm underfloor heating. The switches are located at the skirting in the bedrooms. Please switch off when not required; they are costly to run and will make the upstairs very hot. 
  • The rear courtyard does not have a gate and therefore cannot be considered a safe place to leave animals or children without supervision.
  • Craster is a popular destination for walkers. On busy days many people can pass the front of the cottage close to the front window. Guests with very reactive dogs may not find this suitable.