Covid 19 Terms and Conditions

As a result of COVID-19, we have introduced the following to our Terms and Conditions.

1. If we are open for business any cancellations made by guests for whatever reason, other than a positive test for COVID-19, will be subject to our usual Terms and Conditions. We hope in these circumstances your travel insurance will reimburse you (we do highly recommend that travel insurance is taken out at the time of booking). We are of course happy to supply any documentation needed in order for you to make a claim.

2. If government lockdown restrictions cause us to close Harbour Cottage we will issue a full refund. 
If government lockdown restrictions prevent guests from leaving their home address to travel to Harbour Cottage we will issue a full refund. 

3. If anyone in your party falls ill with COVID-19 symptoms during your stay, you must contact us immediately, vacate the property and return to your main residence to isolate in line with Government guidelines. You will not be permitted to isolate at Harbour Cottage. We cannot offer refunds if guests cannot complete their stay; early departure does not warrant a rental decrease.

4. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example, because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority. Guests should follow Government guidelines on dealing with possible or confirmed (COVID-19) infection.

5. If a guest is too unwell to travel, they will be liable for the additional rental for any longer period staying and costs of any subsequent cancellations to other guests incurred. We strongly urge guests to ensure they have adequate Travel Insurance

6. To enable us to ensure the property is cleaned and sanitised to highest possible standards in line with Government guidelines for every stay, we respectfully request that guests  do not arrive before 4pm and to vacate the property by 09:00am on the day of your departure. We have not altered the check in /check out times, but absolutely cannot extend them during COVID-19 times.

7. Your cottage will be thoroughly cleaned to our usual high standard, and, in line with Government guidelines and the risks posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic, additional sanitisation has been implemented  to protect guests and cleaners.

8. Please note that due to COVID-19, leaflets and guide books have been removed from the property along with our visitors' book. Most of this information is now available on our website or will be emailed to you prior to your arrival.